How To Get Out of Your Own Way In Life and In Business [Part 1 of 3]

Have you ever found yourself in a rut, unsure of where to turn, or where to go to find your way?

There are times and seasons in our life where we find ourselves in a long winter, or a dire blistering summer, where we are stuck and unable to see, feel, or know when the transition of seasons is coming, and our situation may change.


How do we get unstuck?

What tools or methods can we use to deliver ourselves from such mindsets and circumstances?

Well, you should be happy to find that there are a few key principles we can follow to illuminate our path to where we want to go. There are rock solid never-changing guides we can use in our journey to our desired destination.

However, if we fail to discover these guide posts or principles, we may find ourselves stuck in life and in business. In relationships and in finance. In our spirituality, and our health. Simply put we can find ourselves run aground in every aspect of our lives.

So, what is the first Principle or Guidepost?


1. Perspective

(Seeing the Forest from the Trees)

It is interesting in life that we oftentimes cannot see the challenges or opportunities that are right in front of our face. It does not matter if you are a CEO of a fortune 500 company, a salesperson at a local business, or a parent striving to raise a family. Many of life’s secrets are found in plain sight, in broad daylight. We trip over them, walk past them, let them collect dust, use them as a doorstop, we do anything but recognize them. That is, until someone or something, causes us to have a different perspective.

African queen

In the 1951 Drama “The African Queen,” Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn find themselves trying to escape war-torn territory, dodging hostile enemy troops, in a dilapidated old steam boat. They face a host of challenges and life threatening ills, or as  leading man Humphrey Bogart dramatically states,  “There is death a thousand times over down the river.” From leeches to machine gun fire they make their way through a swampy river maze to try to find freedom. At a critical point they are ragged, tired, and about to give up  hope as their little boat is stranded in a channel. At which point leading woman Kathrine Hepburn, offers a prayer for deliverance. She pleads to be able to find a way out of their current situation. The duo then fall asleep from exhaustion and the camera pans up from where they currently are to reveal that the open waters which they seek are a mere stones throw away from their current position. As they sleep it begins to rain and the rain raises the water levels in their channel and carries them from their swampy, muddy, stuck position to the desired open waters.

At this point in the film, the pair’s troubles are certainly not over, however they did find themselves delivered from their muddy, swampy, stuck position. Now, I won’t ruin the movie for you if you have not seen it, nor will I tell you how it ends, but take some time to watch the classic film, there is some gold there.

What strikes me as being significant is their proximity to their desired objective. They are so close to being free from their current limiting situation, but they have no perspective to help guide them. They don’t know that just a few yards away is their direly sought for freedom. They are truly, “So close, but yet so far” as the old adage states. If only they could see what we, the viewers, can see. If only they could know what we, the viewers know.


How often do we find ourselves in similar situations in life?  Where we can’t “See the Forest from the Trees?”


What it takes is a shift of perspective. This change may need to take time, or it could be instantaneous. The speed at which this shift occurs is oftentimes entirely up to us.

How fast do you want to land that dream job? How soon do you want to start investing in business or real estate? How soon do you want to build the relationship of your dreams? How quickly do you want your financial home to get in order? How quickly do you want to create the business you have always wanted?

Something that will dramatically shorten your learning curve, and accelerate your journey on the path to your results is by attending an event called, “Master Your Power Within.” This event has helped change the lives of thousands of students who, like you may have been feeling stuck. Brandon Broadwater teaches and shares principles, lessons, and life experiences that will help you get to your desired results faster.

If you feel like your ship has run aground, perhaps it is time to re-evaluate what you are doing now, and change your approach. Perhaps it is time to make some steps into the dark or take a leap of faith. Perhaps it is time to find a mentor or coach, someone who knows the road you are travelling and can tell you where the shortfalls and quicksand is. Someone who knows the road ahead based off the background of where you have been.

It is all too easy to feel alone, like no one understands you, and that no one can relate to where you have been. I’m here to tell you that is just simply not true. There is an answer to everything, you can find your way, others have proven it. I’m here to simply share that where you have been is not nearly as important as where you are going.

I am here to follow the advice of an old proverb, “Help thy brothers boat across and lo, thine own has reached the shore.

So don’t wander lost in the desert longer than you need to. Don’t stay stuck in the swamp any longer than you have to.

Don’t stay stuck. Get perspective.


[Coming Soon!!!]

Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 which we will discuss the other 2 principles that lead you to the direction you have always wanted to go.


Come join us for a webinar, Results Coaching Session, or Attend a live event with us.


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