What is Master Your Power Within®?


Have you ever had a moment where you have wanted to be better than you have ever been?


A yearning of the soul to live in a higher, more elevated state?


Those feelings may be triggered by seeing a person or business who is thriving, a family living in a way that lifts your heart, or simply a person you would like to emulate and model their way of life.

Striving for, and achieving this state of being is the mission of Master Your Power Within and it’s founder and CEO Brandon Broadwater.

Master Your Power Within is a personal development and premiere training company focusing on the areas of real estate investing, peak performance training, sales/business/entrepreneurship mentoring and training, and master teaching which consists of the art and science behind public speaking, influence skills, and event management.


Master Your Power Within offers the following courses and programs designed to help YOU achieve the best results possible:

Master Your Power Within 3 Day Event – This is the Flagship event where most people start their journey with Master Your Power Within. This is an event for anyone who is hungry, anyone who is looking for more. At this event not only will you find out about these things called Higher Laws, but you will come away with a different outlook on life. The Master Your Power Within 3-Day Event covers high level elements of all the courses listed below. Don’t be surprised if this event changes your life! It is an unforgettable experience that has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people.

Relationship Mastery – Our relationships are one of, if not the most important things in our lives. Yet we often times find that relationships are messy and difficult to get right. We may inadvertently cause pain and injury to our relationships without even realizing it. Whether we are talking about an intimate relationship or simply a relationship with a co-worker, Relationship Mastery is designed to help you achieve maximum fulfillment and happiness in our relationships.

Mastering Influence – If you are in sales, entrepreneurship, business or any position where you may seek to lead or influence clients, team members, or individuals then Mastering Influence is for you. The 7 Keys of Influence that are taught and explored in this course will lay a groundwork for increasing sales, or simply helping others come to a favorable decision. Tried and true methods are combined with revolutionary, cutting-edge techniques to help you become as influential as possible.

Ultimate Wealth – Few things in this life have the same power to incite such radical human emotion as money. Nations and individuals have fought and died over money. Marriages and relationships have been made and broken over finances. Depression and exultant ecstasy is thought by some to be linked to how many digits are in your bank account. With such a polarizing and emotionally charged topic it is difficult to find out what is real and what is the best route to take.

In Ultimate Wealth, we pull the curtain back to show the inner workings of how the Rich and Abundant make their money. We also reveal many of the money myths that are pushed by so called “Financial Gurus” who are often no more than a puppet to sell a financial product. We show how to have balance so that you are not just stuck only focused on money. If you want to figure out how to get your financial house in order and get your money working for you, then Ultimate Wealth is for you.

Ultimate Health – There are thousands of fad diets and miracle pills that promise to deliver the health and the body image we have always wanted, however most if not all of them fall short because they lack the key principles that create a comprehensive plan for healthy physical well-being. In Ultimate health we dive into the mechanics of the human body and what you can do to become the healthiest you possible. This is done while avoiding the extremity type of mindset that is so pervasive in the health industry. By partnering with Health Fix you can get help in crafting a plan that will help you achieve the health you want without completely sacrificing your favorite foods.

Mastering Leadership – There has never been a time on the history of the planet where great leadership was needed more than it is needed now. There are million’s of examples from history and our present day of what not to do in leadership, but also a handful of examples that were truly great. In Mastering Leadership we pull out the principles that make an effective leader and demonstrate how to create that leadership in yourself and others.

Ultimate Mastery – Have you ever tried to put a puzzle together, only to find that it was missing a few pieces? Ultimate master is where all those puzzle pieces comes together. It helps consolidate and solidify higher laws, to where you will be able to find tools to aid you in becoming valiant and truly mastering your power within.

Family Mastery – Our family can be where our greatest joys or our greatest and most painful sorrows can come from. Our Family is likely the longest relationship we will ever have. In Family Mastery we identify what activities and patterns will create lasting happiness in our family relationships, and also what can cause damage to our families. With a combination of practical psychology and unique strategies, Family Mastery Shows can help us have a fulfilled and happy family relationship.

Ultimate Real Estate – With just as many ways to lose in Real Estate, as there are ways to win, it can be difficult to know where to get started in building wealth through real estate or optimizing where you currently are at. Ultimate Real Estate takes the principles Brandon Broadwater learned while studying personally with Robert Kiyosaki, as well as his resulting successful career investing in real estate over several decades. If you have wanted to create residual income in your life, Ultimate Real Estate will show you how.

Inner Circle Programs – The Inner Circle programs are designed for those who are ready to take action. Those who are about to endeavor, or who are already in the trenches doing work in their respective fields. The Inner Circle programs provide support to achieve your goals. Members of the Inner Circles will have exclusive access to live “Jam Sessions” where they can receive coaching and have a Q&A with Brandon Broadwater and other Master Coaches. Members of the Inner Circles will also be able to participate in high level masterminds with other members in the Inner Circle who are striving to reach the same type of goals and outcomes that you are. If you want to get the rubber to meet the road, the Inner Circle is for YOU!

So there you have it! A quick outline of the different courses available through Master Your Power Within.

We hope to see you soon!

To come to an event get your tickets here, to schedule a personal results coaching session click here, and be sure to follow us on social media.

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